Let’s talk about how growing business owners and entrepreneurs can increase reach for their businesses and make more profit through running adverts on Facebook.

Every business owner knows the pain it takes to create a product and/or service, worse still when you are not making profit from that product or service the way you should (I’ve had my own fair share of this experience).

One tool and skill that can help you change this narrative is knowing how to run Facebook ads on your own.

In my GUIDE, I broke down how to start as a beginner and run Facebook adverts to achieve your business objectives.

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N20,000 N30,000

It’s no news that anyone (Including businesses) who has failed to plan, has automatically planned to fail. The importance of having a business plan can not be overemphasised, however knowing how to plan your business well is also very crucial.

Hence, as an intending or already existing business owner, it is harmful to run a business without a plan. You’ll end up moving in circles as there is no existing road map for your business.

Your business may have magnitude but without direction will lead no where.

Well, there’s goodnews!!! the good news is, this training will do well to solve the problem of your business lacking direction.

The training will help you;

  • Write an effective plan for your business, and
  • Develop a business model canvas 

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