I want to guess you’re one of those who think wealthy people got their wealth by one miracle or the other right?

I know my guess is right! At least 50%

Well, I also think that way too.

But there’s a misconception, the “miracle” doesn’t just happen! You don’t wake up overnight rich or wealthy!

So how does being wealthy happens?

In the following notes, I’ll share 6 Lessons I learnt from a billionaire.

I do hope you find some actionable value.

1. Breakthrough(s) Only Come To Those Who Are Patient.

It happens in time.. Yes, TIME!

I’m not in the position to determine how long. But if you converse with a number of wealthy people, you can track their stories and do the maths. You’ll probably get an idea of how long on an average.

Moreover, the timing should not necessarily be of concern to you. What should be utmost to you, is the PROCESS in time.

Genuine wealth is a process and it takes time. It is in time that your character is tested.

It is in time that you build yourself (which includes financial principles).

It is in time that you build relationships, network, leverage and the list goes on.

Now, if you’re patient enough to build these things/features in time, that breakthrough will also happen to and for you.


I know you’re hopeful now. Hence, I urge you to stay true to the process, exercise patience and await your BREAKTHROUGH!

Desist from unhealthy rivalry and quick schemes, you’ll only damage your life and future.

Note: There’s no competition on the journey to wealth. Everyman’s race is different.

And so, let me say congratulations in advance😊
Let’s have a handshake🤝🏾

2. The Business World is Ruled By Cartel! To Play Big in Any Industry, You Have To Leverage On That!

Don’t bother reading this if your plans and actions are already aligned to making you small!

As for me, my aim is the top, the very top.

If you’re with me on this then continue reading.

This lesson right here was and still remains one of the highlights for me.

There’s a little confusion somewhere though, but stay with me I’ll clear it out.

I guess your first thought upon reading this is a question..

So how do I join the CARTELS and LEVERAGE?

That’s the major confusion right?

This post will help you. Just keep reading😊.

It is no news that there are Giants in every sphere. But the goal or aim isn’t to defeat anyone.

Today, competition is nothing compared to COLLABORATION but that’s not the talk for today, maybe some other time.

Let me dive straight to how you can leverage on the Big Cartels.

  • Mentorship:

Pouring water in the hands of who you want to be like is a secret to becoming like that person and even more.

Mentorship doesn’t just expose you to a Man & his wealth of knowledge or experience, it also exposes you to his circle. That’s it!

  • Grow with your circle:

This right here is my Major focus.

You see, no matter how good or exceptional you are, you’re nothing without a STRONG CIRCLE!

A brother of mine Will always say “Your friends today will become your connection tomorrow”.

Don’t joke with worthwhile relationships. Don’t!

Do as much as you can to pray for and help them grow. Trust me the benefit is massive.

You see, this “Billionaire” told me stories of how the people he calls friends, Business partners, Board of Directors etc. are people he started from zero with.

As you build yourself, career, business, etc. Endeavor to build around solid relationships.

It is better to co-own something worth billions and play in that realm than to be the CEO of nothing or small things.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s fine to START alone but GO & GROW with people.

I hope you’ll take actions on these few points.

Let’s have a handshake once again.🤝🏾

3. There’s No Attaining of Great Heights or Wealth Without Being Used

These people want to use you oo!

God forbid! I won’t allow anyone use me!!

When they finish using you, they’ll just dump you! LoL😂

I’m sure these statements resonate with you one way or the other.

Either you’ve made any of these comment concerning yourself or given it as an advice to a friend, colleague or loved one.

Well, I’m not here to dwell so much on whether anyone wants to use you or not.

Truth is, useful people get used! Can’t you see how that rag in your house is misused because it’s useless.

Whatever we find useful, we use it!

But here’s the thing, the value we get in return for being used is usually where the problem lays.

So here’s what this “Billionaire” advised.

  • First, endeavour to always identify your current level and know what value it is you need in return for being used.
  • Secondly, ensure that for every time you’re being used (i.e useful to anyone or organization) there is a value you get in return. This may not match your usefulness but ensure you get value at least, enough value to take you to the next level or make you better.
  • Lastly, know when to move! Yes!

When you know that the value you get for being used no longer matches your usefulness and you’ve acquired what you need for the next level, then move!

It has never been a crime to demand for something better. But ensure you don’t soil relationships in doing so.

There’s this proverb about not closing the door behind you harshly because you may have to return to it.

Please don’t soil relationships.!

Anyone who’s built value in him/herself will certainly be used because you’ve become useful.

Your level of usefulness determines how much value you get in return irrespective.

Also, the amount of value you grow/develop determines how useful you become and how much reward you can demand for that.

This is what determines how relevant / wealthy you can become and height you can attain.


If you’re not being used, that’s pathetic!
I guess you know what I mean.

Conclusively, for those who’re being used, I’m certain that if you follow the lessons penned here you’ll be just fine.

4. You Can’t Buid Wealth By Leaving Things Half-done!

Everyone is guilty of this!

Oh! As for me, not anymore!

I guess it’s same for some people and if you’re amongst this league, I’ll love you to share how you got off leaving things half done.

But if you can’t say the above, then read on.

Rather than discussing the problem, I’ll simply share what I learnt from this “Billionaire”

  • Learn to say NO to whatever doesn’t matter to you, despite how enticing it looks. Before beginning anything ensure to understand it and make a commitment to it.
  • Once you start up anything, always try to have a road map for that activity or project:

This would help guide you till you get to the end of the project and help you avoid distractions.

  • The importance of the use of To-do lists can’t be overemphasized:

After developing a road map for that activity, break it down to smaller units and pen them on a To-do list. This will greatly do you good.

  • Seek help where and when necessary:

You’ll probably get stuck along the line. It’s not the end my dear. Don’t abandon things because you’re stuck! Seek help!

  • Plan a reward for yourself:

If you’ve noticed lately, you’ll realize how much I’ve been posting about conferences, trainings, certifications and so on I attend or receive. I do this as a form of reward to celebrate myself.

So because I can’t wait to celebrate myself after a project or activity, I ensure I finish it (Note: finishing it is more important and beneficiary for me than the celebration).

I wouldn’t know what works for you, it could be an outing or maybe a day off to rest. Whatever it is, find it and implement.

This would help you stay motivated and inspired.

Remember that whatever you reward yourself with isn’t as important as the fact that you finished the project.

I hope these few tips helps you. No one ever builds wealth by leaving things half done. Whether it’s business, a project, education, etc.

Learn to finish things! That’s what billionaires do!

5. Avoid Getting On Any Business You Don’t Understand

Stop jumping on transactions or businesses you don’t understand!

That’s exactly how he (“The Billionaire”) Said it.

You see one major difference between the wealthy and the poor is, wealthy people take business decisions objectively while the poor do so emotionally.

You hear about a business and you’re been told of how lucrative it is, of how people have been raking in millions day after day. Suddenly your emotional and money loving psychological instinct tells you to jump on it too so you’ll start making millions.

My friend you’ve only signed up for another loss.

In the few times I spent with this billionaire, o watched and observed how he scrutinizes and seeks details before doing any transaction.

One thing I noticed was his love for numbers/data or fact as you’d call it. No matter how pleasing the business sounds, the core is always his interest; which is, what are the numbers and how good are they?

So here’s my advice for you,

You’ll hardly go far if you keep doing business or investing emotionally. Endeavor to conduct a thorough background check and do your due diligence.

Doing this gives you a level of guarantee that the business would yield and if doesn’t you’ll at least not beat your self up, afterall you did your checks.

It is important to take risk. But please, don’t take unguided risk. Do your due diligence!

Wealthy people know their onions, they have at least a basic, important understanding about any business they’re going into.

Let that be you!

6. One Key To Building Wealth is FOCUS

This Lesson is the reason behind my choice of image for this design.

It takes Focus to capture the best of anything.


You see, distractions will always be there to stop you from achieving anything especially talking about wealth.

Infact you’ll miss out of the vital informations if you keep losing focus and giving room for distractions.

To become wealthy, you must learn to maintain FOCUS.

First, building wealth has to be a GOAL, then you have to do all you can to pursue it squarely.

Maintain focus in pursuing the right Information, networks and channels/vehicles which would help you build wealth.

Stop jumping from one thing to another, you’ll end up nowhere!

Wealth is hidden, it only takes those who’ve learnt to discipline themselves and remain focused to find her!


See you on the other side. I hope you enjoyed this series. Feel free to go back and read all lessons again to digest them.

Your, Brand & Startup Catalyst