What you’re about to read will get you on your toes and set flames to your feet. You may also not find it meaningful!

Whichever of these happens to you, it’s up to you!

I like story telling alot even though I easily get tired of talking/typing (some exceptions apply though). So you see this gist about my 2020, I go summarise am ooo 😂.

Well, it all started with late December of 2019, as the year winded up, I really wanted more for my life/self (people would naturally say Jay you’re doing well but I wanted more). Hence as folks and family were travelling for the hols I chose to stay back.

You can imagine the serenity and tranquil of the environment, I was practically alone. I used that time to really reflect on my life again, made some serious prayers and planned 2020.

As 2020 was setting in, I was planned already and set to go. I had outlined courses I wanted to learn, relationships I wanted to establish and spiritual depth I wanted to reach.

Time & Space wouldn’t permit me to list these things in details. I was practically broke learning. Thank God for COVID 19, I volunteered for countless projects, engaged in some competitions and enrolled for fellowship programs.

Whilst 2020 showed up to be quite a challenging year, with God, I became more. You’ll definitely not see the results now, I just sowed the seeds (give me time 😁).

Hence, for you reading this… 

It’s not just enough to sit at the mercy of life. You need to Sit back, analyze your life, seek God’s face, pen down things you’ll do and then Act! Because we don’t know what 2021 holds but we’ll have to DARE!

To your continuous growth!

Your, Brand & Startup Catalyst