Hello There!

In a couple of hours I’d be +1😇. I am quite excited about this but more still, very THANKFUL for thus far I have come.

This year, having taken retrospect and looked deeply into the salient laws/principles i have practiced in achieving the much I have, I want to share one thing I have seen play out and that is…


My decision to stay on this law I learnt a few years ago is apparently one of the best decisions of my life.

A secret you probably don’t know is BIG things don’t happen once/suddenly, they are always a product of small steps take CONSISTENTLY over time.

You’ll be making the biggest mistake of your life, expecting anything BIG & LASTING to happen to you suddenly. Like a friend of mine would always, “If you want anything to last, give it time”

So friend, don’t just jump in and out of an idea, business, vision, relationship, career or whatever venture it is. Learn the art of CONSISTENTLY taking actions towards your dreams.

Lastly, a few things to note in being CONSISTENT is,

  • Learn to be patient: Truly the patient dog eats the fattest bone.
  • Learn the art of thinking Long-term: It’s easier to stay consistent when your goals are long-term.

A major reason why people are not CONSISTENT is because they don’t think long-term. Success my friends is a product of CONSISTENCY, there’s no Magic to it.

Hence, I urge you to stay CONSISTENT.

Your, Brand & Startup Catalyst